Earths Golden Age, Life beyond 2012

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When the portal opened on Fiji in the Pacific as a whole radiate pure love and spread it everywhere. By a knowing of transcendent sexuality will spread and then aids and other sexually transmitted diseases will decline.

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They brought the powerful dolphin link with them. There is wonderful energy in Hawaii as it contains wisdom from Lemuria as well as Atlantis. The portal here was opening in As the Great Crystal of Lemuria was held here, this will spread Lemurian wisdom and healing like rays of light round the world. Because much of France is rural, the greed and corruption mainly found in cities has been contained. Those people who live a simpler life style will find the transition years easier than those who are in cities, especially as they are already self-sufficient. The new portal opening in in the seas by Marseilles will massively change the consciousness of the masses, who will become receptive to new spiritual understanding.

Those living in the countryside will open their hearts to the town dwellers who are displaced in the cleansing. Mother Mary is a wondrous Universal Angel, whose retreat is at Lourdes. Her influence will be even more strongly felt here and healing will spread from this area. This country will start to co-operate with its neighbours, while still keeping its uniqueness. The last of the darkness of the wars must be cleansed from the land, so unexpected weather conditions will occur which will cause the old to be transmuted. The guilt, which is held in the collective consciousness of Germany, was totally cleared in Then Germany take its place to spearhead the move to enlightenment.

Thousands of mature and wise souls have chosen to incarnate here since the second World War, both to help mitigate old karma and to lead this country forward to enlightenment and ascension. There is much cosmic wisdom held by the trees in the Black Forest and this will help to anchor and maintain the light in Germany during the changes. Many fifth-dimensional communities will form here, and after new Golden Cities will arise in this country.

Much beauty is held in Italy for so many Renaissance sculptors and artists chose to work here, raising the frequency as much as they could. This has helped to hold Italy in the light. Organizations like the Mafia will disappear as their vibration will be too low to attract supporters or people to terrorize. Within the next twenty years the Vatican as well as some churches that hold people down will collapse.

With this the stranglehold of the lower aspects of the Roman Catholic religion will loosen. Spain is a vast country, which will see many changes for it has very mixed energies. As the weather becomes more extreme people will move into the mountains.

Where gold and other treasures purloined from the Aztecs and Incas are held, there will be cleansing, causing much disbelief and confusion. Also the pain of the Spanish Inquisition is still held in the land, which must be purified. Andorra too is dark and light but when the portal opens there, the country will find its true soul expression and this will spread through Spain. England has lost its purpose over the last decade. The soul decision of the country to balance its karma from the days of the British Empire by allowing mass immigration has resulted in confusion, feeling overwhelmed and political misjudgements.

Much negativity in London needs to be transmuted, and it is hoped by the Spiritual Hierarchy that the Olympic Games will bring in such light in that all karma will. Much of London will be cleansed by water during the purification. As London is the spiritual Earth Star Chakra for the planet, this country will ground the higher light for the new world. Glastonbury, in the West Country is the Spiritual Heart Chakra of the planet and as this opens fully a welcome will radiate from here round the world and out into the universe. Situated close to here is Avebury, which used to be a main port for craft from all over the universes.

Its power has been cut in two by a road but it will awaken and become whole again. Already the surrounding areas are preparing to fulfil their old role again. Crop circles were placed here because the land had already been energized for them. Some of the crop circle symbols were signals from other star systems.

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They were also keys, which opened the consciousness of the people. The extraterrestrials, who are much wiser than we are, will bring light and assistance to the world. By England will be ready to accept their help and by this country will be actively co-operating with the light beings from other star systems. Some of the areas that will be underwater by will still be holding important energy even though it is not obvious to us at a human level. Much of Scandinavia has already been cleansed by the snow and those parts will shine by Older, wiser souls are incarnating here who are preparing for the Golden Age.

Many of the scientists are already spiritually open, even though they may not be consciously aware of it. This allows Master Hilarion, who is in charge of technology for the Golden Age to connect with them. As the twenty-year period progresses, this will become more evident and those scientists will become consciously aware. Master Hilarion will be working with the angels to download.

In the mountains the energy is very pure, so fifth-dimensional communities will be formed here. However, there are two things holding Switzerland back. The second is that there is much karma because the Swiss banking system has colluded for many years to allow greedy and sometimes evil people to hide and hold onto their ill-gotten gains. Wealth that has been stolen or accumulated through the disempowerment or slavery of others is dark energy, which will be cleansed by the elements.

This must be swept away for the new to arise; so unexpected earthquakes and flooding will cleanse this negativity, unless the people of Switzerland and the world purify it soon. This precept also applies to Liechtenstein and other places that are protecting dark financial energies. Western troops withdrawn by but this is a very difficult area where turmoil will continue. Fires, floods and earthquakes will cleanse the land. The inhabitants will learn to co-operate with each other for the good of their country and women will have to take an active part.

This will enable them to regain their self-respect and become empowered, thus bringing in the divine feminine.

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The rising consciousness of women will help to loosen the grip of religious dogma and by the people will be opening to the higher spiritual understandings pouring into the planet. At the fall of Atlantis the High Priest Apollo led his tribe to this land, which was then known as Mesopotamia. Much deep wisdom is held here and when the portal opens after , it will start to lighten up.

Then the wisdom of ancient Persia held within the Earth will emerge at a higher level than before. The huge cleansing needed here by earthquake and other means will result in less available land. However, several things will change the situation beyond recognition. The feeling of fear and vulnerability, which underlies their aggression, will be dissolved as they start to become spiritual rather than religious. The old dogma will be replaced by peaceful hearts who seek resolution not conflict.

As other countries in the Middle East suffer their own cleansing crises, the conflicting countries will become helpful neighbours, looking at each other with compassion not fear. Israel will be at peace by The peoples of this vast country have tried several times to set them selves free but karma has been holding them back, keeping them subjugated. After when the portal in Mesopotamia, Iraq, opens, this will profoundly affect Iran. The people will feel their souls are liberated again and peace and joy will return here. Ancient karma held in the earth will cause problems, so too will more recent karma as so much oil has been removed.

Oil is needed for the lubrication of the planet, which will react against the exploitation of its resources. As this country runs out of oil and money ceases to be currency, there will be challenges.

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Camels hold much wisdom and will start to telepathically communicate with the people. This will help the Saudi Arabians to find their soul path. Ask the angels of love to hold the people of the Middle East in beautiful pink and white bubbles of love. You can do this any time, when you are walking, driving, pausing in your work or with friends. Simply pause for a moment and send out the thought. You may sense the bubbles of love drift ing over the landmass. Where areas have been cleansed small fifth-dimensional communities will be formed and here people will live together for the highest good.

The governing structure of these places indicated that by people will be attuned to each other, many communicating telepathically, so there will be no leader, just Oneness. During the twenty-year transition period a tremendous opportunity is being offered to all those souls who are willing to accept it, to live in a co-operative way, working together for the highest good as we build communities for the Golden Age.

It is anticipated that individuals and groups will accept this challenge with humility, so that the new will come in without the constraints of ego.

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And the more prepared we are the more easily we can make the transition. With the decline in supermarkets and long distance deliveries, selfsufficiency will be the order of the day. Local areas will grow local food.

The Mayan Great Cycle and How it Affects You Even After

People will learn to cultivate that which is suitable for their climate and by this may be different from that which we are used to as the weather becomes more extreme. There will no longer be pesticides sprayed onto all crops and the food will be healthier. Communities will support each other as they cooperate and experience how to live naturally once more. Because many people will have opened up spiritually and psychically. Western troops will be out of Afghanistan by but there will still be big problems within the country.

It will be moving towards peace by The mountains of Afghanistan have long been known for deposits of high quality lapis lazuli, a stone that holds ancient wisdom and is connected to the third eye.

Earths Golden Age, Life beyond 2012 Earths Golden Age, Life beyond 2012
Earths Golden Age, Life beyond 2012 Earths Golden Age, Life beyond 2012
Earths Golden Age, Life beyond 2012 Earths Golden Age, Life beyond 2012
Earths Golden Age, Life beyond 2012 Earths Golden Age, Life beyond 2012
Earths Golden Age, Life beyond 2012 Earths Golden Age, Life beyond 2012
Earths Golden Age, Life beyond 2012 Earths Golden Age, Life beyond 2012

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