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The answer is…YES! Here are a few ideas…. Do you have an employee who is not taking time off during the summer?

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If so, encourage them to do so — even if it is just a day or two. Taking time off helps us reduce stress, clear our minds, and return ready to take on the world or at least that big client project! Adding a little flexibility into how work gets done is a great way to embrace the summer spirit.

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Consider a companywide picnic, field day, or trip to the local baseball game. Showing that you value family time positions the organization in a positive light for the significant others — which comes in handy when you ask employees to work late nights! Register for a new account.

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    Embrace the Work of the Holy Spirit In Your Life

    American Society of Missiology. Duffy Lectures. Opera Omnia Raimon Panikkar. Along that journey, I'm finding that my spiritual gifts are getting switched on, which gives me more flexibility in how I express myself along that journey.

    It also requires that I acknowledge and respect the spiritual sovereignty of every other individual on this planet. Suddenly my work takes on a whole deeper level. While many may not 'see' it, their day to day activities result in spiritual assault on others.

    Embracing the Spirit

    Unless they are consciously aware of Spirit, they are not going to recognize their abusive behaviour. Is it possible that is why there is such a huge conflict between the governing powers and indigenous peoples? Conflict between a group of people who want to put in pipe lines, mines, massive agricultural farms and other public works, up against those who see, feel and know of this spiritual connection that I speak about.

    What role do we all play in the fictional constructs that give energy to these violent interactions? Even when people come visit me, if they don't follow a Spiritual protocol, I feel violated, trespassed against and even raped. Depending on their energy, depends on how much of my own spiritual shields I must put in place to protect myself from their chaotic energy.

    Every wonder why empaths struggle so much in large groups of people? Ever heard of stories of energy suckers attending large stadium events in order to siphon the energy of the crowd? I have no idea where each of you are in your journey. I know that I'm just beginning mine and that my wife is right along with me. I know that the full and true essence of who I am is spiritual in nature, not physical. I can see and feel the two distinct bodies of both and I'm able to start to differentiate between the two.

    As I start to explore the true essence of who I AM and explore the spiritual power and influence I have in this physical world, I can start to appreciate and comprehend what some of the previous masters have said on this topic. We don't need some external authority to govern us. We require to be free from those external influences so that we have the space, peace and freedom to explore our own authority, power and influences.

    Embracing Spirit | Extending The Love – Healing The Mind – Unifying The Spirit

    Our own physical mind cannot comprehend the power, beauty and grace of spirit. This is the domain of our heart as we cannot think our way through this, but instead feel our way through. Our Spirit has the vision and capacity to hear far more than our eyes and ears. This requires a leap of faith and quieting the chatter of our body as it struggles to comprehend spiritual magic. I look forward to exploring the full scope of spirit and all that can be accomplished in this physical realm.

    Should be fun, exciting, challenging and deeply rewarding as well. But with great power comes great responsibility and it demands that each of us know how to govern ourselves so that we don't violate others along this journey. May Creator bless you all with peace, freedom, prosperity, joy, love and an amazing spiritual journey while you are here on Mother Earth.

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    Embracing Spirit

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