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Almost can also be placed before a Examples: main verb as an indication of degree. Julia looked well enough to go back to school this morning.

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Examples: Our cat seems well after the successful surgery. Adjectives Amy has almost every album the Beatles ever recorded. Bad and Badly Christian ate almost all of the ice Bad is always an adjective, so it can only modify a noun cream in one sitting. Adverbs They almost always participate in the annual softball game. Examples: He almost never leaves without That cough of yours sounds pretty bad. The cream seems bad, so throw it out. Verbs She is almost finished with her painting. Badly, on the other hand, is an adverb, and can only modify an action verb.

It tells how something is done.

Examples: The clown performs magic badly. My little brother behaved badly at dinner. Someday, throughout I have never seen a race horse run so fast. You should act fast if you want to take advantage 5. His past behavior is probably a good indication 8. Bear left at the fork up ahead and turn right at His wide grin told me he had something up his The far side of the table had almost every dessert you could imagine. It is too bad he has to travel so far to find a decent cup of coffee.

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Find out in this lesson. L ike an adverb, a preposition conveys a relationship, usually of time when or place where , between certain words in a sentence. A prepositional phrase is a small group of words that begins with a prepo- sition and ends with a noun or pronoun. The noun or pronoun at the end of the phrase is called the object of the preposition. How can we tell whether a word is a preposition rather 1. The couple rollerbladed around the park along than an adverb? Because it begins a prepositional the sidewalk, all the while being careful to avoid phrase and must always begin one.

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For example, in the following sentence the word before is an adverb because it does not begin a 2. I have never seen that person before. The directions said to draw a line through any words that would cause confusion or In the following sentence, though, before is a preposi- misunderstanding.

Frances found her lost sneakers behind the sofa in the living room. She stood before the judge to make her plea. The three of us divvied up the remaining con- tainers of chocolate pudding.

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Some are grammatically correct, or an adverb. All it takes to tell the differ- ence is to reword the sentence using the same 6. The couple walked beside the river during the words.

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If it makes sense, it is fine. Example: 7. It is important that you be here before five. Crime is something I worry about. The presentation was done by Bret, Tom, and Reworded: John. Something I worry about is crime. Gram- matically correct 9. It is a problem I need help with. We are just getting by without the help of his Reworded: income. A problem I need help with is it. Gram- matically incorrect As I told you before, it is important that the pool Remedy: be cleaned regularly. It is a problem with which I need help. Tad stood up and clapped loudly. Sometimes it is awkward to reword a sentence ending with a preposition.

Run across the street and tell your sister to come Example: home for dinner. Indicate which person you are talking about. Since last Tuesday, we have eaten at the diner three times. Becomes: Indicate about which person you are talking. The clown spun the plates around on his finger. Example: She brought her brushes to paint with.

Becomes: She brought her brushes with which to paint. You may have heard or been taught that a sen- tence should never end in a preposition.

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In mod- ern English, however, this rule has been relaxed so as to avoid awkward constructions. Nowadays the tendency is to use your discretion in such a sit- uation, and go with what feels right. Without Kyle Since: preposition; at: preposition 7. You know what you mean to say, but sometimes your message can become unclear to your reader because of pesky misplaced modifiers: phrases or clauses that are misplaced in the sentence.

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One simple way to keep a modifier from being misplaced is to keep it as close as possible to the word it modifies. Bennett, asked him to pass out some papers. Bennett, told him once he Examples: completed his test, he could pass out some After burning dinner, Russell opened the door papers. After burning dinner in his pajamas, Russell Split Infinitives opened the door to let the smoke out. Infinitives are to verbs, and modifiers do not belong between the two words.

Both sentences make it sound as though Russell cooked dinner inside his pajamas, burned the dinner, and opened the door to air out his pajamas. Incorrect: My mom told me to never lie. This error is easily corrected by placing the prepo- Corrected: My mom told me never to lie. When a modifying clause is improperly placed within a sentence, it disrupts the flow of the words.


Corrected: In his pajamas, Russell opened the door after Example: burning dinner to let the smoke out. Managing Your Modifiers Here are a few rules to help you place modifiers cor- Example: rectly in a sentence. Bennett, told him when he completed his test to pass out some papers for her. Rule 1. Place simple adjectives before the nouns they are modifying. Did Ms. Bennett tell Ryan she wanted him to com- plete his test before passing out some papers for her? Or Example: had Ryan already finished his test when Ms. Bennett Wearing a green raincoat, the exhausted student told him to help her pass out papers?

Grammar Success in 20 Minutes a Day Grammar Success in 20 Minutes a Day
Grammar Success in 20 Minutes a Day Grammar Success in 20 Minutes a Day
Grammar Success in 20 Minutes a Day Grammar Success in 20 Minutes a Day
Grammar Success in 20 Minutes a Day Grammar Success in 20 Minutes a Day
Grammar Success in 20 Minutes a Day Grammar Success in 20 Minutes a Day

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