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Abbott has fought vociferously for his pre-K plan, which has already passed the House. The letter underscores the potential for trouble in the relationship between Abbott and Patrick, who are far different stylistically and could be on a collision course over both education and taxes.

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Without a budget in hand before the regular session ends June 1, the Legislature will have to pass one in a potentially high-stakes special session this summer. And, from Bobby Cervantes in the Houston Chronicle:. Dan Patrick has spent much of this legislative session both channeling and undercutting Gov. I am proud to be a member of this advisory board who released this statement today. He certainly should have received one. If he did not, apologies are needed, but our stance is solid and remains intact. This pre-K bill is bad for Texas, bad for the budget, bad for kids and bad for families.

I hear the pressure from Abbott was intense. In a previous First Reading on Feb. Abbott positioning himself as a national foe of Common Core, and tried to puzzle out why. On Sunday, Gov. The peril for Gov. Coming out of the gate with appointments, the team advising Gov. This is most surprising, given the strong stance Abbott has taken in opposing Common Core in specific and the federalization of education in general.

The Texas Senate on Wednesday approved Gov.

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D avid Beck, a Houston lawyer, won a seat on the prestigious board by a vote. Steve Hicks, a current regent and businessman from Austin, was approved We thought that would be a great place for Department of Justice lawyers to spend their summer. Abbott said his mother fried the egg on the Wichita Falls sidewalk as a demonstration for him and his brother. But a reader sent this link from Everyday Mysteries:. Most likely they end up with a mess resembling scrambled eggs more than one sunny-side up.

The sidewalk presents several challenges to this. Dark objects absorb more light, so blacktop paving would be hotter than concrete. More often than not, sidewalks are concrete. Once you crack the egg onto the sidewalk, the egg cools the sidewalk slightly. Pavement of any kind is a poor conductor of heat, so lacking an additional heat source from below or from the side, the egg will not cook evenly. Something closer to the conditions of a frying pan would be the hood of a car.

Contestants get 15 minutes to make an attempt using solar sun power alone. Oatman judges, however, do allow some aids, such as mirrors, aluminum reflectors, or magnifying glasses, which would help to focus the heat onto the egg itself.

Machetes 1: Intro to Machetes, Uses and Benefits

It turns out that eggs also have a bit of an advantage in Arizona, the land of low humidity and high heat. Liquids evaporate rapidly when humidity is low. I bet you were wondering what is the origin of the saying? Jonathan Tilove is the Statesman's chief political writer. Before that he covered race and immigration issues for Newhouse News Service for 18 years.

View all posts by Jonathan Tilove. I had the misfortune of it being stolen. A friend bought me a fiskars that was supposedly comparable. After one morning using it i realized just how good the gerber was,promptly returned the fiskars and bought another gator. I wouldn't bother with another machette. Its a true workhorse.

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I have used machetes for years and picked this one up in a pinch from Canadian Tire to open a coconut with the graon. This is the first time I've ever experienced a machete bend and become deformed the way this one has. The quality of the metal is the poorest I have ever seen. It is extremely soft. How dare you release a product like this. Had for about three years, the blade has chipped a little bit but other than its fine.

Teen 'hacked to death with MACHETE outside Gloucester pub'

This product model reflects badly on Gerber. The blade is to thin and whips upon striking. A real safety concern!

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This product should only be shown or used as a stage prop. It looks amazing. It came extremely sharp. It got a lot of "OH's" and "AH's". But the first time I used it, I started chopping through a 4 inch tree branch and got half way. I'm extremely experienced using machetes. An idiot wanted to prove how macho he is so I let him try.

Which is Your Favorite Season?

He hit the branch wrong, like an idiot, and caused massive defects on the blade. It's ruined. I learned two lessons. Don't buy a machete based on looks and don't let people stuck on idiot use your tools. I bought this machete because I thought Gerber had a good reputation for quality blades.

Boy, was I wrong. Its a great looking machete, and works great on small thin stuff, but if your going into the woods to be a trail blazer, this is not the tool for you! The blade is to thin. Its sharp for the first few minutes and cuts very well. But after repeated use, the blade bends and warps.

The sheath also doesn't hold up well on the hip. After two weeks it was shot with the fabric pealing away, eventually ripping all together. Don't waste your money!

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Move on! My 9 year old son bought this for me for my birthday.

Lesson Plans Season of the Machete Lesson Plans Season of the Machete
Lesson Plans Season of the Machete Lesson Plans Season of the Machete
Lesson Plans Season of the Machete Lesson Plans Season of the Machete
Lesson Plans Season of the Machete Lesson Plans Season of the Machete
Lesson Plans Season of the Machete Lesson Plans Season of the Machete

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