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Guerrero said he saw close to 1, potential extras before finally selecting the who are used daily.

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On the walls of his makeshift office were hundreds of Polaroid shots of Mexican faces. Obviously, this film has been a boon to the local economy. Most will be spent on labor costs and other services. Some construction workers have been used and the film has employed more than technical crew members on a daily basis.

About 7, man-days are expected to be expended on extras. We are going to do it again and we want it to be emotional. You should shout and scream. There should be more enthusiasm.

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No one is to just stand there. Suddenly, the filming was interrupted. It was the impish wind again. Bandannas were instinctively pulled up over faces to avoid breathing the dust that swept everything in sight--even a few surgical masks dotted the plaza area of the hacienda. The scene began to resemble an avant-garde movie when a young female soldier stepped out of the sirocco and began shooting the scene with her Video 8 camcorder.

There was an ill wind of another sort that day. The publicist for the film, Judy Arthur, quickly moved to ferret out who was responsible for the misinformation. A meeting was held to find out what could be done to repair the damage. None of the dailies printed the quote, but El Heraldo used the photo with a cutline under it that said Peck was well and still working on the film. When the similarities of the two movies were pointed out to him, Puenzo agreed.

In that manner, one can tell a story about public events. But this worked. It gave me the feel of the North of Mexico.

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I pretended to be a journalist and interviewed people. In Pachuca, I went to a photo archive and was given access to thousands of photographs as well as recordings of the corridos of the revolution. With his writing partner Aida Bortnick, he completed a treatment and returned again to the novel to give it a dramatic structure. The spirit is still there.

Fuentes, who read the page Puenzo-Bortnick shooting script, came away convinced that they had cracked the code that had eluded him and other writers--including playwright Luis Valdez--who had tried their hand at adapting the novel. Turning his attention to his native Argentina, the year-old cineaste declared its film industry limited.

It becomes a cinema of hunger. Some accused Puenzo of being unqualified to direct the film, since he is Argentinian and not familiar with Mexican history. And I welcome the criticism once the film has opened, but I hope they are willing to give me a chance to complete the film and judge the finished product. And how is Puenzo holding up to directing three leading actors in English and dealing with the international crew that has been assembled?

This was reflected from what each one liked to eat to their work rhythms and how they understand things. After all, this included people who are accustomed to working differently and under a different system. Latinos was the way they welcomed me in that totally Anglo world as a Latino brother, as one of their own.

‘Old Gringo': Romance, Revolution, Sex, Passion

Somehow, living at the other end of the world, we forget that dream of one America--north and south--that Simon Bolivar envisioned. Although Columbia eventually allowed the Mexican press access to the closed set once filming returned to Churubusco Studios about three weeks ago, unit publicist Arthur still had some doubts about the decision.

And if the press is going to fabricate stuff until then, well, it makes it even worse.

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It also is a gateway for our 16 month old daughter and I to bond. We watch many Brazilian cartoons together and learn words together too! In fact, I have learned the Brazilian alphabet first! I learned the hard way and probably the easiest way. Total submersion. If I was going to accomplish anything in Brazil I had to learn the language.

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And not the correct way to speak it but the colloquial way they speak it here in Belo Horizonte. It has been an awesome experience getting to know a new language, culture and food. Learning a new language opened doors to new friendships and business partners. I am here with my family and this has been the best experience for them as well. Thank you Brazil.

Well, I speak a little Portuguese just for the fact that i was born in Mozambique, parents from Cape Verde and i was 12 years old when i arrived in USA. I speak both languages to the students and they correct my Portuguese if necessary. The students are learning two things at once … Boxing and a new language. My story is l was unable to speak Portuguese and l have been rejected for work application. I need to learn more then. Learning Portuguese has impacted my life that brings smiles and dreams in others.


After meeting and having a conversation with me about my life in Brazil has inspired others to rethink and strive to broaden their knowledge of other languages. It all started when I met her. I knew when I saw her she would change my life forever. Our first date was silent and nervous. She was shy about her English. I had no Portuguese. It was then that I knew I had to learn Portuguese. I did and our relationship grew into a beautiful marriage.

Brazilians are everywhere in America. Now I can talk with them, work with them, and share memories. Two weeks ago I returned from my first trip to Brazil. How Beautiful to be in these places and be able to talk shop, eat and laugh with local Brazilians. I am forever grateful I took the first step to learning.

Just ask my wife. Happy Travels. I have a heart but make decisions with my head. Sure, I was fluent in three languages English, French, and Arabic and well-traveled, but a whole year to teach English in some rural Brazilian town? In the beginning, the nasal sounds really turned me off. Over time I began to fall in love with the expressive nature of the language, the passion it represents, and yes—even the nasal sounds. I also fell for one of my students. He had recently returned from a 7-month stay in Australia and started English classes at the private school where I taught.

Again, my falling in love came as a shock to family and friends. When my year in Brazil ended, I knew I needed to return to the U. For three months I cried myself to sleep, so torn between head and heart.

Lesson Plans The Old Gringo Lesson Plans The Old Gringo
Lesson Plans The Old Gringo Lesson Plans The Old Gringo
Lesson Plans The Old Gringo Lesson Plans The Old Gringo
Lesson Plans The Old Gringo Lesson Plans The Old Gringo
Lesson Plans The Old Gringo Lesson Plans The Old Gringo
Lesson Plans The Old Gringo Lesson Plans The Old Gringo
Lesson Plans The Old Gringo Lesson Plans The Old Gringo
Lesson Plans The Old Gringo Lesson Plans The Old Gringo

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