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Lucky for me, I was offered the room and moved in soon thereafter. The Marina was once again my home and I fell in love all over again with my birthplace— life really does come full circle!

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But I do love my Lululemon and my almond milk lattes. I go to barre class. Leggings under skirts?

I was definitely on the front lines of that trend in middle school. I am a heavy instagram user and felt like it was the right time to mesh my favorite pics with stories of living and loving life in San Francisco. I hope that through blogging today, I can document some of my most cherished memories here in SF to savor later on, as well as share life through my lens with others.

Crows leave gifts for San Francisco woman who feeds them on windowsill of Marina District apartment

Skip to content. Hi there, Welcome to my little corner of the blog universe! Before you give me side-eye for naming my blog after the most infamous SF stereotype, I want to give you some context: The Backstory: My parents met in San Francisco in the late s at a Junior League dinner party. Why start a blog? Thanks for reading! Share this: Twitter Facebook.

Like this: Like Loading More about Marina Chapman. Marina Chapman To say Marina Chapman has led a remarkable life is an understatement. It is an inspiring life-story, but one that Mrs Chapman has long been reluctant to share. She is now, however, going public with her memoir. Her first few, horrifying days in the jungle are presented in vivid detail, as is the troop of capuchin monkeys with which she found refuge and a sense of community over the years.

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When she casts her lot with hunters who sell her into slavery, her unfamiliarity with basic human concepts is heartbreaking in its entirety. Fortunately, her monkey upbringing has surprising intersections with the talents of a street kid. A well-paced, cliffhanger approach to telling the story makes for a riveting narrative.

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A constant theme throughout is her strong desire to be someone. Thrilling, upsetting, and powerful, this memoir is a coming-of-age tale like no other. This is a captivating story that will keep you enthralled.

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But truth can be stranger than fiction You'll churn through this one at breakneck speed. It is a story that bludgeons us into reassessing who is human and who is animal But this true story, The Girl With No Name, stands as a record of triumph over trouble, of virtue over viciousness, of faith in that instinct that human beings develop when living continually with danger. It is a story of courage that deserves documentation and publication.

It draws attention, as no other book that I know of, to the plight of street children everywhere and to the dangers that wild animals face from human predators One aspect that I have not mentioned to this point is the tale-telling style of the writer.



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