National Sundaylaw Crisis

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Whoever knowingly accepts it—after first being urgently enlightened by a loving God to resist it—will be doomed forever see Revelation We should take it seriously. Speculation abounds.

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Most interpret it as a technological mark, but this is mere guesswork. Now think about it. In this small pamphlet only so much can be said. Look closely. Did you catch that? Six days you shall labor, and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. In it you shall do no work. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Check the dictionary.

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Or an encyclopedia. Ask a Jew. See for yourself:. If Jesus says it three times, this principle is really important! Another advantage for us of this principle is that we can look to history to verify and confirm the fulfillment of prophecy. We can also look to how certain events unfolded in the past to shed light on how future prophecies might be fulfilled. Events unfold in a certain sequence, following a certain pattern, in a certain relationship.

Given that history repeats itself, future prophetic fulfillments are likely, even sure, to follow the same pattern of past history. This principle is hugely valuable to students of Bible prophecy, because sometimes a prophecy is given in a concise manner without much detail.

The study of history helps to flesh out the details. This unity or agreement between witnesses causes the thing that is said or done in agreement to be established as a heavenly or an earthly reality, and sometimes both. Not a coincidence.

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Each of these is a witness that testifies of Jesus and the Plan of Salvation for mankind. In Acts 11, Peter receives the instruction to take the gospel to the Gentiles. Why was that necessary, when the Lord had already anointed Paul to be His ambassador to the Gentiles? It was necessary that this Bible principle be applied. Otherwise, the gospel could not have been established in Antioch, which became the first Christian city.

The word precedent means: an earlier event or action that is regarded as an example or guide to be considered in subsequent similar circumstances. Have there been any similar cases presented previously? If so, what was the ruling in those cases? Does the established precedent help their case or weaken it? Let me give you a very relevant example of established precedent in sacred history:. Lucifer was close to God. We can say that Lucifer was an insider that betrayed God. Jesus also was betrayed by an insider.

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We need to look for anti-christ inside, not outside the church. God typically veils prophecy until the time of its fulfillment. Let me give you several examples of this principle:. The Week Prophecy counted years of probation for the Jewish nation. That was only revealed as we approach its fulfillment.

Although today France is a very atheistic and secular country, its roots are Catholic. The recent burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has stirred up the French religious fervor which had been dormant for centuries, possibly since the French Revolution in The Franks were a Germanic tribe.

Through a series of conquests, King Clovis had taken possession of a much larger territory than what is known as France today. Under his rulership France became an important power in Europe.

The Sunday Law Crisis: What You Need to Know

When Clovis was baptized he declared that France also was baptized and that it would become a Catholic country. He cherished the vision of uniting all of the Germanic peoples with France under the Christian banner. Charlemagne waged ruthless wars against them for three decades. He ultimately achieved his goal and ruled over most of Western Europe.

Charlemagne has come to be known as the Father of Europe. In addition to uniting a large territory under Catholicism, Charlemagne was a zealous defender of Christianity and of the Pope. Charlemagne protected the popes and gave money and land and armies to the Christian church. To this day, the leaders of the European Union share the same dream and vision Charlemagne had of a united Europe.

The prestigious Charlemagne Prize is a prize awarded for work done in the service of European unification. It has been awarded annually since by the German city of Aachen in Germany where Charlemagne lived and was buried. And meekly stepping to the throne of Caesar, the Vicar of Christ took up the scepter to which the emperors and kings of Europe were to bow in reverence through so many ages.

Fast forward to , the year when the French revolution started. The French people had had it with the French national monarchy. The people revolted against the high taxes and the French economic crisis, which was aggravated by French support of the American Revolution with money and troops. God intends to get the full and undivided attention of Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Hindus, atheists, Muslims, and Pagans by releasing His wrath — although mixed with mercy.

The Sunday Law Crisis - Program 1: Revelation 13 Explained

The seven trumpets are the seven "first" plagues and the seven bowls are the seven "last" plagues. God will soon confront the false religious systems of the world with His truth. He will ensure that everyone hears and intelligently considers His everlasting gospel. SDAs vigorously defend their belief that the seven trumpets are in the past.

They do so for several reasons, but these appear to be the most important two:. Because the world did not end in , we have the advantage of reviewing the Millerite movement to see what went wrong. The Millerites ended up reasoning backwards. They let their prophetic conclusion obscure prophetic details. The Millerites unwittingly abused the Bible by forcing it to say things it did not say. It is very important that we observe this flaw because it is a perpetual problem for everyone who studies the Bible.

The Millerite movement was built on a false assumption and the movement eventually imploded because they forced the Bible to defend their conclusions rather than allowing the Bible to speak for itself. At maximum volume, the Bible speaks so softly that one must really strain to hear what it has to say. In , Dr. Litch had been studying the prophecies for some time when he became aware of the Millerite movement. Litch became involved in the movement and he produced a discovery that brought thousands into the Millerite movement in Looking back through the corridor of history for a fulfillment for each of the seven trumpets, Litch came up with an explanation for the fifth and sixth trumpets that was better and more concise than anything heard previously.

Basically, Dr. Litch discovered a time capsule.

National Sunday Law Crisis

He translated the five months in Revelation to mean years using a day for a year and the time period called an hour, day, month and year in Revelation he translated as years and 15 days. In other words, Dr. Litch calculated that the fifth and sixth trumpets spanned a total of years and 15 days. Litch also concluded that the five months mentioned in Revelation began on July 27, when Othman began to assault torment the Greeks, and the years using a day for a year of torment ended when Constantine was crowned at Sparta in This Constantine is not to be confused with the Constantine who ruled over Rome during the fourth century A.

Shortly after Constantine was crowned, Constantinople fell to the Moslems and according to Litch, the Ottoman Empire ruled over the Greeks for years and 15 days. Litch concluded in that the Ottoman Empire would fall two years later, specifically on August 11, It was widely published throughout New England and everyone waited anxiously to see what would happen. Their prophetic interpretation was on track.

National Sundaylaw Crisis National Sundaylaw Crisis
National Sundaylaw Crisis National Sundaylaw Crisis
National Sundaylaw Crisis National Sundaylaw Crisis
National Sundaylaw Crisis National Sundaylaw Crisis
National Sundaylaw Crisis National Sundaylaw Crisis
National Sundaylaw Crisis National Sundaylaw Crisis

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