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Hello. My name is Robert John Ed and I'm a marketer.

Because of the spread of smartphones, the e-commerce market is rapidly expanding. Firms are also expected to utilize the survey results to get a more accurate picture of the growing market. The ministry surveys about 8, households every month to determine family income and daily spending. It also surveys about 30, households a month to determine monthly spending and consumption trends. Six months after hosting governance conference NETMundial , Brazil is leading the creation of a permanent platform to discuss improvements in the way the Internet is managed.

According to the organizers, the idea is to turn the NETmundial initiative into an "essential mechanism to advance the creation of policies and governance for the global Internet. The platform has been described as a "meeting point", where stakeholders will be able to put ideas forward, discuss them and attract the support to make them reality if necessary. In that sense, the WEF support icomes in handy, given its reach within the business community. But the initiative's "caretakers" CGI and ICANN, as well as supporter WEF, will not be responsible for any activities regarding the selection of financing of the projects and are keen to stress the collaborative nature of the initiative.

To that end, the organizations have started a process of putting together the group's coordinating council and this will be done through a nomination process, open until December 6. According to Getschko, the collaborative work within the Internet governance initiative will be carried out mostly online and there is no set agenda for meetings, online or in person.

For now, the only goals in terms of timescales are that the Council should be in place by year end and that some form of inaugural meeting will take place in January so the initiative can start its activities. Brazil 's role in global Internet governance. Local Internet steering group CGI was responsible for a manifesto document that described principles for Web use and governance and was ultimately used as a foundation for Brazil 's Marco Civil da Internet also known as the country's "Internet Constitution" , passed a day before the April event and guided many of the debates at the conference.

Leadtail in the News

According to CGI's Getschko, while the documents are not a mandatory set of rules for supporting organizations and countries, they "paint a picture of aspirations and commitments from the overwhelming majority of the international community to guide Internet governance from that point on. The Internet pioneer adds that the fact these discussions started in Brazil and the steps the country has taken towards a multistakeholder model for Internet governance meant the country was an obvious leader for the NETmundial initiative, despite the fact that other nations were also involved in the original debate.

The move to Digital Business requires some fundamentally different skills as the nexus of Cloud, Social, Mobile and Information usher in the Digital Age. These technologies, used together are changing the expectations of the business users on how they work with the IT department. In this new world where non-technical skills grow in importance, organizations are having challenges finding people with the right skills. We have to become more business focuses.

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We extend our discussion from employees to the CIO and the skills that they are going to need to meet the future. Mike has designed a set of questions to help organizations understand how their goals are linked to the skills and behaviours of their employees.

Blasts from the Past

We talk about the importance of Leadership language and behaviour. We discuss the hidden messages that we pass on to our staff and the impact that it has. We look at what changes are necessary from recruiting and interviewing to day to day management. Keeping the right people requires addressing more than money — passion, contribution and purpose are as important or perhaps more important than title and compensation. CIOs need to take a long look at their own skills. The skills that made us successful in the past might not be what it takes to be successful tomorrow.

A new Bloomberg study of 20 civic tech groups around the world offers tips on how to institutionalize innovation into a working framework. That's why Bloomberg Philanthropies is attempting to put more definition in the word by analysis. In a co-authored study with investment and research firm Nesta, Bloomberg studied the workings of 20 civic tech innovation groups and funneled their insights into a package of 10 tips for cities.

The idea: institutionalize some of the ingenuity of innovation, or at the very least, assemble a kind of framework. The study sits atop numerous interviews, site visits, surveys and a range of analysis. Staff sizes of the teams ranged from as low as three all the way up to , with a median staff size of roughly 42 people. In addition to the observational field study, the report includes six months of office research about the groups that represent only teams set inside, funded from or established by government. Yet, beyond this U. A sizable concentration sits in Europe, but a few peripheral teams are located in Asia, South and Central America.

He says apart from plotting points, the study opens the curtains on just how nascent structured innovation is. Wrapping such approaches into their quick lesson tutorial on civic innovation, Anderson and Nesta underscore a few rules of the road.

pragmatic marketer winter Manual

Eye the Goal. Four of these goals surfaced in the study.

The first was to solve specific problems -- such as those emphasized by leadership. The second prioritized a grab for citizen and business engagement in civic processes. A third, called a long-term approach, sought to invest in innovative capabilities of departments and staff. The fourth and final goal, identified from research, was when an innovation team is tasked to refresh whole systems in policy, business models, technology or behavior.

Grab Buy-in from Above.

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Without connected and constant endorsement from leadership, innovation teams are vulnerable. As a cautionary side note, it was dually emphasized that clout should be a last resort for innovators who must lean on partnerships. Mix Skills. One of the key ingredients to innovation is having lots of ingredients. Specifically, this means snagging skills outside of government -- the private sector, academia, non-profits and such.

Anderson explains that the vision is to take insiders who know government and graft them to outsiders who inject new ideas. He added that outsiders can contribute with skills on a project-by-project basis or through crowdsourcing. Funnel Money. And though it appears counterintuitive for example, how can deep pockets ever be a burden? The preferable option is for innovation teams to be a supporting hand, mobilizing budgets from other agencies and departments for projects. Ensure Value.

For innovation teams this translates into actions that illustrate positive contrast against current culture and expertise.

Duplicating efforts and inventing rounder wheels are pitfalls to be avoided, the report notes. The study emphasizes problems that can stem from political leadership changes while emphasizing solid communication to shield teams from naysayers and administrative concerns. Be Exact. Part of breaking from the herd involves an explicit and separate way of getting things done, whether it's through the sharpness of data, an outpouring of community involvement methods, iterative solutions or another method at problem solving.

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  6. Specificity demystifies processes while establishing teams. Methods can be combined, but should foster a predicability. Act and Iterate.

    The Pragmatic

    An admittedly obvious statement, but not so opaque when pitted against approval pyramids, competing goals and the daily back and forth of office work. Success, which is to say productivity, requires a default to action, iteration and rapid experimentation.

    Early wins and small successes are the mortar in the process. The short timeline raises stakes for a team to prove its worth. Some of it also comes down to using specific tactics — rapid prototyping, for example — that emphasize testing things early, getting user feedback and showing forward motion. Use Handoffs. They jumpstart and transition. Whether a phased approach or immediate, the transition must be outlined in budgets, workflows and legal issues. Measure Success.

    Pragmatic Marketer Winter 2013 Pragmatic Marketer Winter 2013
    Pragmatic Marketer Winter 2013 Pragmatic Marketer Winter 2013
    Pragmatic Marketer Winter 2013 Pragmatic Marketer Winter 2013
    Pragmatic Marketer Winter 2013 Pragmatic Marketer Winter 2013
    Pragmatic Marketer Winter 2013 Pragmatic Marketer Winter 2013
    Pragmatic Marketer Winter 2013 Pragmatic Marketer Winter 2013

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