Wisdom for the Facebook Generation

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Wars are long and gruelling affairs.

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More up icon. Reuse this content About The Economist. It is not the moment to cheer. Voting with trepidation Afghanistan holds a perilous presidential election. Work in progress Even if WeWork is in trouble the office is still being reinvented. Before considering using a third party, be sure to first understand your Facebook strategy, beginning with who you want to reach and why, what types of information and content will keep your audience consistently engaged, and your annual supporting budget if any.

Understanding this generation is difficult. With such a diverse group, not all content resonates with all audiences all the time. A hallmark of aging is that we become less alike and more independent in our thinking. As an example, we found that the charged topics of religion and humor can be the most engaging or the most polarizing.

While some people find humor about senior moments and memory loss a welcome relief, others find it offensive.

The 10 Best Facebook Groups for Writers

One commonality we have seen, however, is regardless the reaction our audience is vocal. This audience values relationships and experiences over material possessions and status.

We asked our audience to share their tips for staying positive and motivated in stressful situations, and while we expected responses, we were pleasantly surprised by the quick outpouring of wisdom and heartfelt support for others who were going through similar situations. Keep in mind, the Boomer audience is repelled by hyperbole and urgency in advertising, responding more to facts and authenticity. Marketing to Baby Boomers via Facebook can be challenging, but understanding your target audience and staying true to your engagement strategy will help pave the way to success.

Another fascinating article about Boomers.

Afghan mullah offers ancient wisdom to youths on Facebook - Los Angeles Times

I always find it interesting that our generation has been seen as a bunch of narcissists. Your findings suggest that we are compassionate, supportive, conscience-driven, and multidimensional. Based on our experience working with more than Boomer volunteers and AmeriCorps Encore Members, we wholeheartedly agree!

The Midlife Gals are all about the boomer audience who sees the insanity and humor in growing old. That's our audience!

Wisdom for the Facebook Generation Wisdom for the Facebook Generation
Wisdom for the Facebook Generation Wisdom for the Facebook Generation
Wisdom for the Facebook Generation Wisdom for the Facebook Generation
Wisdom for the Facebook Generation Wisdom for the Facebook Generation
Wisdom for the Facebook Generation Wisdom for the Facebook Generation

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